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Order Management

Order management is the process of order capturing,
tracking, and fulfilling customer orders

Product order management is a critical process in the companies that involves efficiently managing product orders from receipt to fulfillment. It encompasses various activities, such as order processing, tracking, and coordination, to ensure smooth and timely delivery of products.

Order Management Approach

Order Processing:

Capturing and recording customer orders accurately and completely, including product specifications, quantities, pricing, and delivery details.

Production Planning and Scheduling:

Assessing the availability of raw materials and components required to fulfill the orders.

Inventory Management:

Monitoring the availability of raw materials, work-in-progress (WIP), and finished goods inventory.

Order Tracking and Status Updates:

Providing real-time visibility to customers regarding the status of their orders, from production to shipping.

Collaboration and Coordination:

Facilitating communication and collaboration between different departments, such as sales, production, inventory, and logistics, to ensure smooth order processing.

Exception Management:

Managing order changes, cancellations, or special requests from customers.

Order Fulfillment and Shipment:

Overseeing the manufacturing processes, ensuring timely production and assembly of products as per the order requirements.

Order Documentation and Invoicing:

Generating necessary documentation, including sales orders, packing lists, shipping documents, and invoices.

Our Benefits:

Increase Operational Efficiency

Enables faster order processing, reduces lead times, and optimizes resource utilization, resulting in improved productivity and cost savings.

Enhanced Communication

Systems facilitate better communication and collaboration among departments involved in order processing, such as production, inventory, and logistics.

Customer Satisfaction

Ensures timely order processing, accurate order fulfillment, and on-time delivery.

Cost Reduction

Helps minimize costs associated with order errors, rework, stockouts, and rush orders.

Timely Shipping

We ensure that our products are always dispatched on time because we recognise how important fast delivery is.

Outsource Order Management Services to the Expert

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