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Auto spare parts encompass a diverse range of products that are manufactured using mechanical principles and processes. These products are designed to meet the specific needs of automotive inductries and consumers, offering functionality, reliability, and innovation. Looking to source automobile parts from India and want to lower cost of production ? Inductus Global can be one of the option for your business in Africa, USA, UK, Europe, Brazil, Russia etc.

This includes manufacturing of auto vehicles, and bikes as well as automotive parts such as filters, cables, clutch plates, side stand and other  tools. These products are engineered to deliver efficient and precise performance, contributing to increased productivity and operational effectiveness.



coupling rubber

Coupling Rubber

clutch plates

Clutch Plates

fan belt

Fan Belt

foot rest rubber

Foot Rest Rubber

auto horn


head gastek rubber

Head Gastek Rubber

head light bulb

Head Light Bulb

Hub Center

Hub Center



main stand

Bike Main Stand

side stand for bike

Bike Side Stand

weight roller

Weight Roller

kick rubber

Kick Rubber

spark plug cap

Spark Plug Cap

Wolesale Bike Accessories


Seat Cover

bike cover

Bike Cover

side bag

Side Bag

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