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Finance and Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting and Finance Outsourcing service is for firms wishing to outsource their whole finance and accounting function to a single partner. Our technology eliminates the need for separate labor consultants, tax consultants, CAs, CSs, and accounting executives and allows for the seamless delivery of services. By using a shared service model, we can offer top-notch services for a fraction of the price that would be required to maintain an internal team.

Inductus ensures that clients manage risks prudently and that their operations team operates smoothly on a daily basis by establishing strong processes and controls early in the relationship. For the customer, we offer guidance and introduce best practices in accounting and finance. We provide personalized and timely MIS to our services normally comprise book-keeping, payroll administration, vendor payments, receivables management, taxation, compliance management, secretarial, fund management and MIS reporting. For jobs involving the outsourcing of accounts, we operate on a retainer basis.


Audit Support

Inductus offers its clients complete end-to-end assistance in completing the audit of their accounts conducted by independent third parties. We offer complete assistance in answering all of the auditors’ questions to their satisfaction.

MIS And Reporting

Inductus helps its clients in giving timely and accurate information on financial health of the company in the form of periodic MIS reports with detailed analyses with suggestive actions to implement.

Tax Compliances

Inductus help to Proper handling and maintaining of all tax compliances as applicable from time to time is a very important task for any company.

Banking Relationships

Banking plays an important role in the financial life of a business, and the importance of banks can be seen from the fact that they are considered as to be the life-blood of modern economy.

Accounts Receivables

Inductus provides process oriented end to end Accounts Receivables solutions to the clients, which empowers them to focus on their core business.

Accounts Payable

Inductus understands the importance of creating a strong and well implemented Accounts Payable Process so that stakeholders get accurate and complete financial statements.

Reconciliation Services

A crucial duty across the board for the Accounts and Finance Department is reconciliation. These days, the majority of businesses struggle with the challenging challenge of reconciling massive amounts of data.

Bookkeeping Services

Bringing a solution for such firms to provide end to end accounting and book keeping services, Inductus is a major service provider in managing these services.

Year End Accounting

Every 31st March comes financial year end, and we struggle with closure of books. Financial regulations change every now and then, making it difficult for Company Owners/Entrepreneurs.

You must read through the following if you’re considering to outsource bookkeeping and accounting for your startup or established business. For most entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses, finding a suitably qualified finance and accounting professional in India with the necessary knowledge base to manage the company’s accounts, prepare financial statements, handle bank accounts, summarize financial data to arrive at the balance sheet, and generate various reports is a laborious task.

In India, bookkeeping and financial accounting are often viewed as private matters and the domain of insiders. But to be honest, is this primary task adequately fulfilled? Do the businesses/startups employ fundamental bookkeeping, accounting, and financial management techniques, expertise, and keep themselves updated with the most recent accounting rules and notifications released by

Advantages of Outsourcing Business Accounting and Book keeping in India

Cost effective Accounting and Book Keeping Services – The most prevalent argument holds that hiring outside help for accounting is costly. The total cost incurred in maintaining full-time employees in India was found to be significantly higher when the total amount spent on office supplies, stationary, salaries, taxes, and benefits provided to full-time and part-time employees was added up with the total cost incurred in hiring such a service from a third party. In summary, hiring is a cost-effective option for corporate entities when it comes to business accounts outsourcing in India; efficiency and quality are not negotiable.

Save on Hiring time and costs – Employing specialized personnel and then training them in accordance with the organization’s or startups’ needs costs money and effort. In contrast, India’s finance, accounting, and bookkeeping outsourcing services offer a pre-made solution for flawless bookkeeping tasks. It is therefore total freedom from the tiresome work of hiring, training, and supplying the required resources.
Saves on Time – Maintaining accurate financial accounting records and staying current with schedules can be labor-intensive. Therefore, when accounts are outsourced to India, the facility time that would otherwise be consumed by key management staff is immediately saved and can be put to better use developing business strategies, cultivating connections, etc.
Adept professionals – In order to stay competitive in the market, companies that outsource bookkeeping and accounting to India make sure that their workforce has a greater degree of experience. Furthermore, because they offer specialized services, they are able to concentrate on only one job at a time and spare the energy needed for multitasking. Business accounts outsourcing is a useful option for startups in India because it is a laborious effort to teach someone to that degree of efficiency or recruit a highly qualified professional seems not to be economically viable as well for an individual, startup, or organization.
In line with urgency – In India, the demands of business accounting activities are not consistent over a whole year; rather, they fluctuate based on the urgency and necessity. It takes a lot of effort to keep up with conventional staff; accounting outsourcing companies, on the other hand, can withstand this kind of pressure because their workforce is highly skilled and they operate efficiently.
Use of latest technologies – In India, accounting automation software is widely used in business and is a useful tool for preventing human mistake, reducing the likelihood of internal fraud, and identifying problems early on. These service providers employ tech-savvy, highly qualified personnel. The hitch for the unidentified people chosen to be accountants is that they might or might not be knowledgeable about technology developments.
Accountant as an advisor – Working with multiple clients in different domains at once exposes professionals working with financial accounts outsourcing businesses to a variety of status quo relevant to that specific customer. They become great consultants on topics other than bookkeeping, such as accounting software, taxes, and even financial planning, which adds value to the company or startups using their services.

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