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Footwear Sourcing Agency in India | EVA Footwear Wholesale Exporter Delhi NCR

Footwear Sourcing Agency in Delhi NCR India becoming alternative to china as outsourcing destination with a pool of skilled professionals. You can check out our collection of footwear design in different style and color. Inductus Global assist buyers to wholesale or source all kinds of shoes, slippers for women, men, and kids from all across India. 

Footwear products manufactured in India are of rubber or PU (Polyurethane) or EVA (Ethylene and vinyl acetate) which meets standards of American and European market. The range of shoes can source range from high heeled stilettoes for ladies, ankel sandal, open-toed sandals, party and everyday boots for men and kids.

Products: School shoes for Kids, Sports shoes, Beach Shoes for Women and Men, Crocs, Flip-flops, Slippers, High heels for Women, Platforms high heels, Sandal, Raffia sandals etc. 








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Footwear Sourcing Agency In India and Its Process

Footwear sourcing refers to the process of finding and procuring footwear products from manufacturers or suppliers vendors through online or onsite. It involves identifying suitable suppliers, evaluating their capabilities, negotiating prices and terms, placing orders, and managing the production and delivery of footwear products. You can procure manufactured stylish footwear domestically or internationally, depending on factors such as cost, quality, and production capacity. e-sourcing makes reduces the cost of procurment and logistics also.

Here are some steps involved in wholesale footwear sourcing:

  1. Define your requirements: Determine the specific types of footwear you need for your drop-shipping business or wholesale business, such as slipper flip-flop, sandal, athletic shoes, casual shoes, or formal shoes. Consider factors like style, material, size range, and quality standards.

  2. Research potential suppliers: Look for footwear manufacturers or suppliers that can meet your requirements. This can be done through online directories, trade shows, industry associations, or referrals. 

  3. Request for quotations (RFQ): Contact the shortlisted suppliers or Footwear Sourcing Agency in India and request detailed quotations for your footwear products. Provide them with clear specifications and quantities required. 

  4. Evaluate: Analyze the quotations received from Footwear Sourcing Agency, considering factors like price, lead time, payment terms, and any additional services offered. Request samples to evaluate their manufacturing processes and quality control measures. 

  5. Supplier selection: Choose the supplier that best meets your requirements in terms of quality, cost, reliability, and other relevant factors.

  6. Place orders and contracts: Issue purchase orders or sign contracts with the selected supplier. Clearly define the terms and conditions, including product specifications, delivery schedules, payment terms, and quality control requirements.

  7. Communication: Maintain regular communication with the supplier during the production process to ensure that the footwear products are being manufactured according to your specifications. 

  8. Logistics and shipping: Coordinate with the supplier to arrange for shipping and logistics, including transportation, customs clearance, and documentation. Ensure compliance with import regulations and consider factors like lead time and cost.

  9. Quality control: Perform quality checks upon receipt of the footwear products to ensure they meet your specifications and standards. Address any issues or discrepancies with the supplier promptly. Conduct inspections or quality control checks, either through third-party services or your own team, to verify product quality.

  10. Payment and ongoing relationship: Complete the payment process according to the agreed-upon terms. Maintain good communication and build a positive relationship with the supplier for future orders.

It is important to conduct due diligence and consider factors such as supplier reliability, product quality, ethical sourcing practices, and the potential for long-term partnerships when sourcing wholesale footwear supplier Delhi. Working with experienced sourcing agents or consultants can also help streamline the process and mitigate risks. 

How to Choose Comfortable Perfect Footwear for Your Feet

We put your shoe buying a step ahead of the competition and let you know tips for choosing the perfect shoes for your feet . Comfortness is crucial for footwear, as ill-fitting shoes can cause discomfort, pain, and even foot problems.The right pair of shoes can make a significant difference in our comfort and overall well-being. When choosing footwear shoes, it’s important to consider factors such as fit, comfort, durability, and style. 

Also you need to measure your feet accurately and consider any specific foot conditions or requirements you may have, such as high arches or wide feet. Trying on shoes and walking around in them before making a purchase can help ensure the right fit comfort is another key aspect of footwear. Look for features like cushioning, arch support, and breathable material. Here is a list of six effective tips on how to choose comfortable shoes.

  1. Measure your feet before purchasing from online portal or shop.
  2. Choose a shoe with a firm foundation.
  3. Shoes with arches provide support across the bottom of your foot, giving you greater balance and stability
  4. Don’t pay much attention to the size of shoes, since sizes vary greatly across shoe manufacturers.
  5. Preffer Shoes with straps or laces, may be easy to put on and take off with comfortness on bottom of feet.
  6. Don’t wear too big or too small shoes, as it can make you uncomfortable. Purchase the shoes in the afternoon, when the foot is swollen. This can help you ensure that the size is appropriate for them to wear all day.
  7. Upgrade when the texture on the bottom of your shoes begins to wear around the heels or balls of your feet.
  8. Improper shoes can cause pain not only in the feet but also in the calves, shins, knees, hips and lower back.


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